The Plumber Doesn’t Call, Intercession, Praying Out Loud

Well, the plumber’s web site had a 10% discount for submitting the service request on-line.  That was last Thursday night and no follow up call.  I’m still praying over the deal but am mostly distracted by family issues. 

I’m single and generally things are going well in my life.  Lately I’ve found that I’ve spent a lot of time in intercessory prayer for family members.  I am the only Catholic in my family.  I’ve shared the rosary with them.  In fact, I gave them the rosaries from the extra CNMC gift bags.  As a Secular Franciscan (SFO), we promise to pray Morning & Evening Prayer.  I insert my personal intercessions right before the Our Father (we also do this at my monthly fraternity meeting).  I’m also praying the Pope John Paul II intercessory prayer

In recent SFO fraternity meetings, we had teachings on how to pray the Liturgy of the Hours.  We were encouraged to pray out loud, if appropriate to the location so as not to disturb.  Since I live alone, I do on occasion talk to myself – not in a nutty way – I don’t answer myself often. 🙂  For some reason, I initially found it hard to pray out loud.  I had similar issues in college regarding practice for oral presentations.  Somehow, I’ve gotten over that awkwardness.  Now, I don’t feel I’ve prayed unless I’ve heard my own voice proclaiming the words.  Somehow, in the speaking, I can make my words come to life and it becomes a real conversation between me and God.  

In my intercessions, I am specific and call people by name and proclaim the need.  I’ve already seen some positive results.  We look all over for our mission field — lately I’m feeling my most important mission field is my own family.  If my only mission in life is to be an instrument of peace to my family — to be Jesus to them — then that should be sufficient.  A pebble in the pond — a ripple.  Peace.


2 thoughts on “The Plumber Doesn’t Call, Intercession, Praying Out Loud

  1. I love what you had to say about praying out loud. I am a big fan of praying out loud. It is deep in our Catholic roots… it goes back to our Jewish heritage. To meditate (for the Jews) meant to utter the words of Scripture. It often looked like the pray-er was “mumbling” under his or her breath. The breath was the important thing. For prayer to be vocal the breath has to pass the lips. It doesn’t necessarily have to be audible (but I like audible!). There is definite connection between breath and spirit. Also, Pope Paul VI noted (in his document Marialis Cultus) that the rosary had to be prayed vocally in order for the indulgence to be applied. Vocal prayer is so important, since we are bodily beings. Unfortunately, we tend to forget it.

    Thanks for the post!

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