Advent Candles & Christmas Lights

View from my front window

View from my front window

We are still two weeks away from the first Sunday of Advent and my neighbors began putting up their Christmas lights a week ago.  Perhaps this will be all that goes up this year.  Missing so far are the carousel, snow globe, and santa’s sleigh.  I fully expected to see more this weekend but nothing else has been added — yet. 
I really just started thinking about getting a new set of Advent candles last week — I got them today.  I brought my wreath in from the garage.  One of the things I love about being Catholic is that we savour the seasons.  There is no rush to deck the halls.  I am invited instead to wait — to anticipate — the coming of the Christ child.  Advent is still two weeks away and, liturgically, I’m thinking about end times and the like.  I’m remembering my loved ones who have died.  Sunday’s Gospel told me not to hide my talents — terrible things could happen to me if I do.
Why rush?  I’m still clinging to Fall leaves.  If I could bottle up September, October, and November, I would savour them all year.  I thrive in the slight cripness of the air – the smell of leaves turning, or, even burning in the brush fires.  God does some of the best art work in the turning of leaves.  The colors of Fall can compete with anything that Spring can produce.   When I was young, I loved piling up the leaves in my parents yard.  I loved falling back into the piles – tossing the leaves — making leaf angels.  Apples – Cinnamon – Pumpkin Pie Spices.  The only good thing about Christmas showing up so early in the stores — all the Fall decorations are 50% – 70% off already — and it is still Fall outside.  Perfect for Thanksgiving.
If the Christmas scene outside my window changes – I’ll do an update.
Advent ideas for the Catholic family from Cathlic Mom

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