Papa’s Christmas Poem

As referenced in my Peppermint post, my grandfather wrote a couple of poems that were Catholic influenced.  He was about 19 years old when he wrote this.  It is the appropriate season to share this one with you.


Written by my Papa, probably Christmas 1929


Christmas season is here again

To remind us once more;

Of God’s gift to man

His son to die so we may die no more.


Each one should remember him

As to you Christmas brings joy;

Because He is a precious gem,

And should be your joy more than toys.


Don’t forget your friends in need

Help them all you can;

For who can do a better deed

Than help his fellow man?


Christ teaches us to love

And help a needy brother;

For our reward is from above

Pray for us blessed Virgin Mother.




One thought on “Papa’s Christmas Poem

  1. Not many 19 year olds will write like this-
    thank you for posting this. I really like the advent wreath that you have on the site.

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