My iPod Anniversary

This month marks one year since I purchased my first iPod.  I fully expected to fill it with music and that would be the extent of my use.  I also have a radio receiver which permits me to pick up local stations.  After opening up iTunes and exploring all the categories of content, I wondered about “Podcast.”  I took a look and wandered into Religion & Spirituality.  I saw the Rosary Army and recognized the couple from the vendor section of the Eucharistic Congress in Atlanta.  I knew they made and gave away all-twine rosaries.  I subscribed to their podcast.  A program called “The Daily Breakfast” was near the top.  I subscribed.  I added “Catholic” to my search criteria and found Fr. Jay Finelli the “iPadre” and Fr. Seraphim Beshoner TOR’s “Catholic Under the Hood.”  There was an icon of St. Francis wearing an iPod for the program “Saint Cast.”   All these have come into my daily/weekly listening routine.  I rarely listen to music.  A nice thing about many of these podcasts is that you do not have to have an iPod.  They have web sites where you can listen on your computer.  Below are links to the web sites of my “must listen” programming.  I also have them in my Blogroll to the right.

All of the programs can be found and listened to at the SQPN web site.  But I will give you the various links.

Fr. Roderick Vonhogen – “The Daily Breakfast”  — a little bit of everything — Catholic teaching, TV, Movies, video gaming, Battlestar Galactica, Star Wars.  He is the CEO of SQPN so that is his primary website.  I encourage browsing the many offerings at SQPN.

Fr. Seraphim Beshoner, TOR “Catholic Under the Hood”— Fr. Seraphim specializes in church history

Fr. Jay Finelli the “iPadre” – tag line is “Catholic and then some”  It is a variety of church teaching and some sound seeing tours.

Dr. Paul Camarata’s “The SaintCast” is exactly what it is named — all about saints.  Wonderful stories about the saints and an occasional sound seeing tour where Dr. Paul visits various “saintly” places.

The Rosary Army no longer produces new podcasts.  They were hired last Fall by Sirius/XM Radio to host their own radio show called The Catholics Next Door.  Their Rosary Army programs can still be subscribed to in iTunes.  In fact, I am catching up on earlier episodes.

This rounds out my list of podcasts that I would recommend to someone who has never listened to one before.  Fr. Roderick generally has a new program out daily and the others are weekly.  My spiritual life has benefited greatly through the New Media efforts of these people.  After meeting them last June at the Catholic New Media Celebration, I decided to begin this blog.

I’ve been busy working on future posts to take us from Feb 14th through Holy Week.  Beginning next weekend, I will do a weekly series based on the journal I kept while on Jubilee year pilgrimage to the Holy Land.  I also have a special post ready for Ash Wednesday.



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