Good Friday – Behold the Wood

 I wrote the below after attending Good Friday services at my parish in 2001.  I was on the front pew and watched as everyone processed forward to venerate the cross.  The only music playing was a cello.


StPhilip crucifix



Oh did you know?

Yes, you must have known.

Exactly the hour.

The day you died for me.


I celebrate


We come forward

Form all walks of life

Couples holding hands

Parents toting children

Friends together

Coming two by two


I celebrate


Even the frail, the weak, the lame

Walking with a cane

Assisted in wheelchairs

The Deacon’s helping hands

“Come all ye heavy laden, I will give you rest . . .”


I celebrate


Bended knees and signs of faith

Gently lean to kiss the wood

Some reverent and some playful

From aged feeble steps

To children’s joyful skipping

We come


I celebrate


The cello swells up and down

My heart beats in rhythm

I watch them come


And I celebrate.



– Stfrancisgirl

Good Friday 4/13/01


4 thoughts on “Good Friday – Behold the Wood

  1. Jan,
    How beautiful and meaningful during this Good Friday. Brian and I wish you a very Happy Easter.

    With God’s Love,
    Lonnie & Brian

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