I See You

I guess I am making this a Rich Mullins trilogy.   This is another favorite song.  Whenever I hear this music, I am taken immediately to adoration of the Eucharist.  My mind can travel right to the monstrance, or, I can bring to mind the procession of the monstrance at our Eucharistic Congress.   The video below is a live version from a concert.  In fact, it follows the other live video that I posted in I Belive What I Believe.  This version is a little ‘unplugged’ compared to the CD — begins a little out of sync — comes together and builds.   The version I listen to in my car — well — I turn it up loud with slightly more bass.  The bass brings out the drums and this is why I also think of the Eucharistic procession.

The lyrics begin by talking about the way God made himself present in the Old Testament — “a cloud by day, and in the night, the glow of a burning flame and everywhere I go, I see you.”  Lyrics


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