Living Bread

I recently attended the Annual Regional Gathering of my Secular Franciscan region.   I shopped in the Franciscan book store and signed up for adoration.  We had perpetual adoration throughout the weekend.  I bought a book, “Quiet Moments with Padre Pio,” and took it with me to adoration.  I took several things with me to the adoration chapel — expecting to read, or, pray the rosary.  But, I’d just come from a session that talked about the discipline of listening.  Where best to listen than in the adoration chapel.  I opened the Padre Pio book to the first page and read:

Don’t Worry About Tomorrow – July 4, 1917 letter to Capuchin seminarians

I recommend to you to have a firm and general proposal to always serve God with all your heart; do not worry about tomorrow.  Think about doing good today.  And when tomorrow comes, it will be today and then you can think about it.  Trust in Providence.  It is necessary to make provisions of Manna for only one day and no more.  Remember the people of Israel in the desert.

I closed the book and looked at Jesus exposed in the monstrance before me — I thought of the living bread from heaven discourses in our Gospel readings.  I began to talk to Jesus in my journal.

What if God has given me more Manna than I need?  I desire to share my portion with those I love.  But, what if I must hand them chopsticks with which to eat and they do not know how?  Do I find the fork and a knife?  Do I get a spoon and feed them like my child?  How do I share my great portion with those who do not know how to receive it?

I wept bitter tears of sorrow over the things which I have no control.

Today we read John chapter 6 — “Eat my flesh” repeated over and over.  “My flesh is true food and my blood is true drink.”  So, I recall the days when I tried to see this — to understand this — to realize that I already believed.  Today, I realized in a different way what a special grace it is to move from symbols to True Presence.  Today, I also learned the answer to my question; I use the spoon.


One thought on “Living Bread

  1. Thanks Jan. I needed to be reminded that we don’t need to worry about tomorrow. I think we all need to remember that these days.

    Thanks for sharing!


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