Touched By An Angel

Come let us worship the Lord in the company of his angels…

— Liturgy of the Hours – Sept 29 Feast of the Archangels

As I’m writing this, tomorrow is the Feast of the Archangels; Michael, Gabriel, and Raphael.  I was a big fan of the television series, Touched By An Angel.   The Christian bookstore carried merchandise from the show.  Some ten years ago, I bought a Touched By An Angel perpetual calendar — a small flip stand.  It is always on my desk though it is not there to remind me of the day.  In fact, I may go days or weeks without flipping a page.  The calendar is there when I need it — a moment of stress — a moment of thanks — a moment of reassurance that God is in control.   I read it today.

How do people do it?  They get up every morning and start all over again.  It takes a lot of courage to do that … and they don’t even know what angels know.

September 28, 2009

Touched By An Angel


3 thoughts on “Touched By An Angel

  1. “Do not neglect hospitality, for through it some have unknowingly entertained angels.” — Hebrews 13:2 I always loved this Bible verse as well. You just never know 😉

  2. Dear Jan, thank you, it is always in the best interest for us to be perpetually reminded that God is always in control and how grateful I am for always knowing what is best. peace and all good, Bernadette

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