Revelating ‘n Stuff on Christ the King

For several years, about the ages seven to twelve, my dad traveled in a Southern Gospel quartet.  I’ve mentioned this before.   I recall with vividness the song “Jesus Is Coming Soon” — “morning, or night, or noon.”  I was baptized at the age of 9 — thinking of Jesus coming soon — the song said “many will meet their doom.”  For some, “troubles will soon be over.”  I was certain I would never make it to High School.  It sounded very soon indeed.  Seventh grade brought fear that High School would arrive — no return of Jesus would save me from it.  A lot of time passed, I realized the early Church also thought he was coming really soon.   I eventually stopped thinking of Jesus suddenly appearing one day.  I got caught up for a time under the influence of an Associate Pastor who had attended a very fundamentalist bible college.  He taught of the dangers of New Age.  I began to look for Satan everywhere — this was the early 90’s.  Halloween began to bring out the church sponsored horror houses of tribulation.  I went into a dark place then and looked over my shoulder a lot then — a spooky and suspicious time for me.   Catholic theology has helped me get a grip on it all — put it in balance.  Jesus comes at every Mass.  If I had only known sooner in life.  I love this time of year when we dabble in Revelation — all the while the Christmas crib is not far off on the calendar.  The Incarnation.

From time to time, over the course of the last fifteen years or so, I’ve had occasional dreams that I recorded soon after, so as not to forget.   I think about these two in particular, in November, when our liturgy turns to readings from Revelation.  The two dreams that follow — I thought about the first one recently while listening to a podcast — probably themed on the Feast of the Archangels.  A person asked where Gabriel is now.

On July 11, 1991, I had a dream one night while sleeping.

I seemed to be in a desert place near the top of a sand dune.  Though it was the desert, it was not hot at all.  From over the hill, I hear a voice call out, “Gabriel.”  I followed the sound and looked over the hill.  It was bright daylight.  About 20 or so yards away were two persons.  In the flash of a moment, I knew the one kneeling in prayer was Jesus.  He was wearing a flowing white robe.  His right profile was toward me and I could see the flesh of His jaw that was mostly concealed by the robe covering His Head.  Gabriel was standing facing Jesus also wearing a white robe.  He had a staff in his hand and had long white hair and a beard.  He appeared to be keeping watch while Jesus prayed.  A bright, white light then shown around them, which was brighter than sunlight.  I was unable to look directly at them.  I was on my hands and knees and began to crawl back down the hill away from sight.  I felt as though I was trespassing and should not be there.  But, Jesus looked my way, held out His right hand, and said, “Come.”  I was compelled like a magnet.  Like a child, I crawled toward Him.  I could not stand.  “Come, take My hand,” He said as I came very near to Him, His right hand stretched forth to me.  The sleeve of His robe draped around His wrist.  I stretched forth my right hand and He took it in His.  It was the hand of a man and the air was immediately filled with electricity.  “There is healing in My touch,” Jesus said.  A surge of power entered my hand and consumed me all over. I believe things were said which I do not remember.  I fainted.  I had the sensation of falling and falling.

I was on my bed.  I felt as though I had fallen from the sky and hit the bed.  I sat up and was sweating profusely.  The radio alarm was going off and it was 5:30AM.  I’ve no idea what prompted this dream nor am I certain of its meaning.  It is true I felt different for many days after this dream.  I felt a lightness of spirit and it was as though my feet walked in a different place than earth.

On June 13, 1998, I had another dream which contained the following….

I was at my parent’s home, on the porch, when I heard a great sound of wings beating and birds screeching.  I stepped from the porch to see what the matter was.  I looked up and saw a great flock of white owls with huge wings flying all about.   They had the resemblance of angels with wings spread wide.  Then, they organized their flight into a formation resembling that of migration.  The air took on a different quality and there was a strange light.  I looked once more and the owls had rested in a single very large tree.  Their number was so great that the tree itself could not be seen.  There was a change in the atmosphere that I cannot describe in words.  I can only say it was like the calm before a storm.  Every tree stood still and nothing was stirring.  I looked upward at the sky and saw a portion had opened revealing great beams of blue light shining downward to the earth.  On the ground, the light fell on earth in a circular pool of light.  In the center of the circle was the shadow of a cross.  At that moment, I thought, “What can this be?”  I began running to this light all the while looking up at the sky.  The sky parted further and revealed a great throne upon which Jesus was seated.  The light was blinding much like in my earlier vision.  Jesus stood and stepped away from the throne and onto a cloud.  He was crossing from Heaven to the Earth.  I had been running toward the place on the ground where I saw the shadow of the cross.  I had just reached this place on the ground as Jesus stood and stepped onto the cloud.  At that moment, I fell on my knees with my face to the ground.  I cried, prayed, and was unable to move.  I felt great shame, sinfulness, and repentance.  This lasted for a moment.  Then, as quickly as it happened the moment was over and sky returned to its former state.  When I looked up again, I saw nothing but the sun in the place that had just revealed the throne.

This dream of owls, beating wings, and Jesus stepping on a cloud take me immediately to the song, “Midnight Cry,” performed by Michael English.  Singing, “When Jesus steps out on a cloud to call his children…”  I looked up several videos and have chosen this one.  It was recorded in a church this month so it is very recent.

I can’t close without “John the Revelator.”  This is a song that my dad’s quartet sang and I’ve known by heart since I was a child.  Really, who needs to know anything else about Revelation?  This is Michael English also and is currently in my car CD player right now.  This is awesome — loud in the car.  See you in Advent.


2 thoughts on “Revelating ‘n Stuff on Christ the King

  1. Dear Jan:
    A beautiful posting. Thank you for sharing so openly. I see Jesus reigning in your life. I am encouraged to take His hand and walk with Him.
    God Bless,

  2. Wow!!! Very inspiring like the Revelation Gospel. May you be blessed to continue your Spiritual journey.
    Happy Advent.


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