Jesus is Cool

So, a week ago last Tuesday, my air conditioning was repaired — a little over four days after it went out.   I met the repairman that day — he arrived a little earlier than the two to five o’clock time period I was given.  Before three o’clock, he was done and advised me it would take a few hours to cool the house back down  — it was indeed 96F in the house.  I checked my vents and confirmed that cool air was creeping back in — I was still breaking out in a sweat.  Too late to return to work and not really wanting to wander around shopping, it occurred to me — the Blessed Sacrament chapel in my parish — that’s a cool place.

I grabbed my Liturgy of the Hours, my rosary, and a couple of books.  I made the short 6 mile trip — it was even cooler in my car.  Once inside the chapel, I challenged myself to take my own advice.  I had shared with a group that, to really listen for God’s voice, try going to adoration without anything in your hand.  I decided to sit there quietly.  I was reminded of another cool Jesus moment — literally cool.  A few years ago, my Secular Franciscan fraternity was asked to assist with the Atlanta Steubenville Youth retreat.  It was held at Georgia’s FHA camp and had a beautiful chapel on site.  One of our fraternity volunteered to set up the adoration chapel and I volunteered to keep the sign-up sheet for guardians.  The wee hours of morning from one-thirty to five were a little sketchy.   I was assigned to sleep in a room on the floor with other volunteers.  I was glad to have my air mattress — until I realized I’d forgotten the plug that would keep it inflated.  I was having a fitful time — too warm and hard floor.   I had seen that there were a couple of hours without a guardian.  I grabbed up my pillow and sleeping bag and headed to the chapel.  It was a blast of cold air like opening the freezer door — it was heaven.  I curled up on a pew and tried my best — the idea is to be awake — I was never alone in the chapel.  Another friend had joined me and there was usually one or two others.  I did doze.  Lightning never struck me for dozing but it was blissful and the dreams I had were for me alone.

I am reminded of this time as I sit here in the Blessed Sacrament chapel — waiting for my home to cool down.  I sat silently and was spoken too — I did take notes so as not to forget.  I joined Evening Prayer and then went home after being gone for three hours.  My home was 86F and the humidity was gone.  I was many times better than when I left.

All that to be reminded that Jesus is cool.


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