Dialogue of Thanksgiving

For awhile now I have chosen to listen to my local NPR station rather than popular music.  I get a vast array of subjects, both informational and sometimes musical.  Today as I drove from Mass to run a couple of errands, they were broadcasting an interview with Esperanza Spalding, a young bassist and composer — fusion sounds of Jazz, R&B, and classical sounds.

I did not hear the entire program but the interviewer asked her what it was like ‘growing up under hard circumstances.’  She was raised by a single mother and the phrase ‘sometimes homeless’ was used in the interview.  Her reply was inspiring.  To paraphrase her response, Esperanza said that she never thought of her life that way — being hard.  It was not the dialogue of her home to say — ‘this is terrible’, ‘this is awful.’  The dialogue of her home and her mother was to give thanks for all they had — she enjoyed the park and the library.

That is the phrase I took away as I turned off the car in my garage — ‘a dialogue of thanksgiving no matter the circumstance.’

So much in our lives is not about what happens to us, but rather in our attitude about it…

Esperanza on NPR

Below — an interview where she shares some of her upbringing — more inspiring takes on life and her mother — and her musical journey.


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