Subscription Expired

Sometimes it can be the smallest changes we make that makes all the difference.  This may not seem like much but I have one such thing — I’ve allowed my subscription to TV Guide to expire.  This is my declaration that the TV viewing schedule will not rule my life.

Does this mean I will no longer watch TV, or my favorite programs?  No.   As a single person, I find the television often fills the silence of my home.

What it does mean is that my life will not revolve around whether or not I will miss a favorite program.  Technology now permits that I will watch a program on my schedule and, if I never get around to it, oh well.  It wasn’t that important anyway.  It is a letting go.

It does mean, hopefully, if I miss a favorite program, I am out building real relationships — involving myself — exercising my introversion.


3 thoughts on “Subscription Expired

  1. Happy to have found your blog. Gave me a pick-up at the end of stressful work day.

    St. Francis of Assisi guides my spiritual life too. Keep the faith, and the closeness to Christ through the example of simplicity that is deceptively profound.

    Pace e Bene

  2. Thanks for sharing. I have one TV in the house, but it has been disconnected for well over a year. I have found many other things to take up my time and that of my children. It is great being free from TV. I can still get EWTN on my computer, if I fell the need to watch something.


  3. Oddly enough they have continued to send me the TV Guide. I’m maintaining my position though of relegating television to a lesser concern.

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