Snow Days

I am enjoying day #2 of “Ice Jam 2011” in Atlanta.  They have made references to “Snow Jam 1982.”  Really, it is only here in the South that our Winter storms are worthy of naming — their rarity granting them this special privilege.  I recall the Snow Jam ’82 — I was a Senior in high school and this was the last gift of ‘snow days’ off from school before graduation.

I don’t remember if that was the only Winter event that year but I did write a poem about one of the events.  I remember the thaw and how it sounded.   I was sitting at my writing desk and looking out the window into my back yard.  The snow had been coated with ice and the tree limbs were heavy laden with their icy burden.  I was transfixed for a long time as the sun began to melt the ice. The sound of the ice falling down through the trees sounded like applause and I was taken by the gracefulness of the tree limbs.  Already having experienced Atlanta Ballet performances and already a fan of Mikhail Baryshnikov;  I saw the ballet in the trees and melting ice.  Below is a sample of my early poetry — I was 16.

The Crystal Shop Ballet

Boughs bend with humble splendor,
Bearing gifts that only the season can bring.
Nature in its most graceful poise,
The Lady of Winter performs a ballet.

Evergreens curtsy in elegant form,
The envy of every prima ballerina.
Beautiful to see, but fragile to touch,
The Lady of Winter brings gifts of crystal.

The sun shines in earth’s open window,
Setting to glisten The Crystal Shop Ballet.
Trees dance to the wind’s whispering orchestra,
The Lady of Winter composes a masterpiece.

The sun rises higher as the dance crescendos,
Limbs slowly raise their arms to the sky.
The eyes of nature look upward as melting applause praises the performance,
The Lady of Winter completes The Crystal Shop Ballet.


February 27, 1982


5 thoughts on “Snow Days

  1. Outstanding poem! A missed vocation?

    Re the Ice Jam, I recall my days in Fort Hood, Texas, and when the rare ice storm occurred there. About half out unit lived on base, but of those living off, only about 10 people showed up to work that day — all Northerners. All the Southerners panic-ed, unable to drive on the ice.

    You people would never survive up here, home of the true off-road, on-the-road drivers.

  2. Thanks Tom! I started writing poetry and reflections in the seventh grade. I had a teacher who liked for us to sit out under the trees during recess and write poetry and journal. My class ended up in honors English in high school — didn’t fare so well in algebra though 🙂 I have a lot of my original writing in a notebook — things I wrote for school assignments and just for myself.

  3. Watching the winter storm of 2011 batter the south brings on a wave of nostalgia for snow and winter midwest style. As I gaze out my window here in Italy, not far from the sea, I see bright blue skies and sunshine, flowers in bloom and green grass. Be a kid again and go out and play in the snow!

  4. Excellent job! i didn’t know you were a poet! I enjoyed greatly your poem and the gentleness that comes with it.
    You are really a gentle soul.
    I enjoyed as well these icy days in the warmth of my house. Even winter has its beauty

  5. Nice job, having experienced this recent mandatory shut in at work it is great to see there was some beauty in all that was there. Too busy looking after the sick not able to enjoy. Great imagination.

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