In Relationship

Recently our readings at church focused on the creation of Eve.  God determined that it was not good for man to be alone.  As Adam named the animals, he looked around and saw no mate for himself.  As Adam slept, God reached down and fashioned Eve from one of his ribs.  We consider many relationships in life — romantic, marital, parental, friend, coworker and acquaintance.  The Old Testament scriptures tell of God’s relationship to the Hebrew people.  In relationship, God comes to live with us in the person of his son Jesus. The New Testament Gospels engage us in the relationship of becoming adopted co-heirs with Jesus.

Pondering on God’s desire for relationship, I consider the idea of God authoring all the relationships in my life.  I think of the times I prayed as a young person about what school to attend or what job to take — what career to pursue.  I think about the answers to prayers of the past. Perhaps the answers were more about who God wanted me to meet.  Rather than a path of education and career, it is God’s path of relationships for my life.  Some relationships are only for a season and others for a lifetime. 

My father almost died of meningitis when he was two.  My parents had each considered marriage with other people. I think of the “what ifs…” in life.  I was born and can’t imagine my life without the relationships that God has brought into my path.  Relationship is God’s work — In as much as God brings others into our lives — God also brings us into the lives of others.  In prayer, God helps us navigate and discern our way in all our relationships.


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