I’m a Catholic convert who converted from the Southern Baptist faith in 1998.  I subsequently became professed into the Secular Franciscan Order (SFO) in 2002.  I am currently the Vice Minister of my local SFO Fraternity, Immaculate Conception, of the Bro. and Sisters of St. Francis region.  I’m a single forty something who works in the transportation industry.  I enjoy travel and International trips include Italy, Ireland, France, U.K. and Israel.  I live South of Atlanta and am a Braves and Nascar fan.  I enjoy coffee shops and book stores.  I have a weakness for buying books I’ve never read.  I enjoy creative writing such as spiritual reflections and poetry.  I started this blog to share my life and faith journey.

While my journey reveals itself in many posts, the two posts below represent the core of my two conversions — first to leave the Baptist faith and become Catholic; second, what in my Catholic conversion led me to the Secular Franciscans.

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About the Blog header photo.  It was taken at St. Peter’s Basilica and is the Altar of the Chair.