‪Congratulations Bishop Elect Gregory Hartmayer OFM Conv

‪Interview With Bishop Gregory‬‏ – YouTube.

Georgia Bulletin Article

Bishop Elect Gregory Hartmay OFM Conv

My former pastor, Fr. Gregory Hartmayer, OFM Conv is the new Bishop Elect of the diocese of Savannah.

My welcome into the Catholic Church by Fr. Gregory Hartmayer OFM Conv. Easter Vigil 1999


Church of the Most Holy Trinity

Check out the link below for a nice article, with photos, on Church of the Most Holy Trinity in Brooklyn New York.  It is staffed with OFM Conventual Franciscan friars from the Saint Anthony of Padua Province.  Fr. Timothy posted this link in Facebook and I wanted to add the link here as well.  Very nice photos and brief history of the church.

Church of the Most Holy Trinity.

So, the church is supposed to be haunted.

Peace & All Good