For The Love Of Christ

In considering a title for my blog, I go to the phrase that best describes my Christian journey.  Christ has been at the center of my life since I was a young child.  I will go into that more in later posts.

After coming to the Catholic church, I discovered Saint Francis lived his life “for the love of Christ.”  I came across one use of that phrase in “Francis of Assisi’s Canticle of the Creatures:  A Modern Spiritual Path” (Paul M. Allen & Joan deRis Allen, 2000). 

He told the friar who cut and chopped wood for the fire, that he must never cut down the whole tree, but remove branches in such a way that a part of the tree remained intact, out of love for Christ, who willed to accomplish our salvation on the wood of the cross.  p. 47

I thought about that image of salvation on the cross.  I considered the wounds of Christ and the eternal life that sprung forth.  I scribbled this image — refined it — and it is my own Tau — where leaves spring out from the wounds of Christ.

My Tau


 An all time favorite song of mine is “In Christ Alone” by Michael English.   It is a song I’ve listened to time and time again — heard live in concert.  Listen to the lyrics and they describe how I’d most like to be remembered.

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